Bonded Logistics Center

A Bonded Logistics Center (PLB) is one of several revolutionary government policies listed in the Economic Policy Volume II that was issued by the Indonesian President in September 2015. These new PLB operations are expected to reduce logistics and transportation costs and support the growth of domestic industries including small and medium ones, increase foreign and local investment and assist in the development of Indonesia as a logistics hub in the Asia Pacific region.

PLBs are multi-function logistics warehouses that are used by importers and exporters to store goods originating from outside the Indonesian customs area and/or goods from other places in the Indonesian customs area with facilitations such as:

  • Goods Inbound & Outbound Flexibility
  • Ownership Flexibility
  • Simple Activity Flexibility
  • Storage Period Flexibility
  • Fiscal Facilitation
  • Self-Managed Bonded
  • Completion of Temporarily Import Goods

Working with CKB Logistics, we can offer:


  • Warehouse & Inventory Management
  • Export & Import Customs Clearance Handling
  • Export, Import & Domestic Shipping Arrangement
  • Electronic Manifest Declaration and Electronic Truck Surveillance (GPS and e-Seal)
  • Value Added Services Options
  • Documentation
  • Real Time Track & Trace Facilities
  • Real Time Inventory Monitoring Facility
  • Cargo Insurance Coverage (limited liability)
  • Established Security & Monitoring System


  • Deferred Import Tax & Duty Payment (Until Cargo Release from PLB)
  • Reduce Storage/Demurrage & Handling Cost at Indonesia port
  • Improve Cash Flow and Raw Materials turn around for Factories
  • Shorten Delivery Lead Time/On Time Logistics
  • Storage Period up to 3 Years (Extendable)
  • Simple Processing such as Maintenance, Cutting, Canting & Decanting, Surveyor Inspection (LARTAS) and Other Activities can be Conducted in PLB
  • Re-Export of the Cargo can be Arranged
  • Cargo can be Stored in PLB whilst Waiting Master List or Other Documents Process
  • Allowing Partial Shipment Released from PLB upon Production Schedule


  • Cakung & Marunda-Jakarta;
  • Osowilangon-Surabaya;
  • Somber-Balikpapan;