Alfa Trans Raya

Established in 2006, PT Alfa Trans Raya (ATR), a member of CKB Logistics, is a fully integrated marine logistics and transportation company in Indonesia that provides specialized vessels and a wide range of services particularly to support oil and gas (onshore and offshore operations), mining, heavy equipment, construction/infrastructure and power generation including shipping of general cargos, project cargos, heavy equipment, vessel chartering for the customers on long term as well as voyage charters, shipping agency and ship management services. ATR was founded to reduce delivery delays and mishaps across the supply chain through increasing the number of vessels directly owned by CKB Logistics and by providing equipment and ship management support. ATR is integral to CKB Logistics’ industrial shipping sector and endorses CKB Logistics’ vision as a reliable integrated logistics partner in Indonesia.

ATR owns and operates landing craft tank (LCT) vessels as well as operates several vessels which are rented from third parties to meet our customers needs. 

ATR is also concerned with ship management including the management and training of crew and handling of safety protocols and equipment. We believe we can provide our customers with a superior and more reliable service through effective management of crew personnel.

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