Baruna Dirga Dharma

Established in 2011, PT Baruna Dirga Dharma (Baruna Coal Logistics), a member of CKB Logistics, is a fully integrated marine logistics and transportation company in Indonesia that specializes in the movement of dry bulk cargos particularly coal. 

Baruna Coal Logistics provides dry bulk logistics services with the highest standard of safety through its privately owned sets of tugs and barges vessel and operation of its own floating cranes. We currently serve coal mining, cement, plantation and power plants industries across the region and our range of services include shipping of dry-bulk cargos particularly coal, general cargos, transshipment and inter-island shipment, also stevedoring, floating crane and logistics management services.

Baruna Coal Logistics’ vision is “to become a preferred dry-bulk logistics solution provider” in conjunction with CKB Logistics’ core beliefs of service excellence. Baruna Coal Logistics also practices a tight adherence to internationally accepted safety standards and a firm commitment to environmental protection.

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