Code of Conduct

For Business Partner
For Employees


  • Communication should be constructive and open.
  • Committed to the best handling of complaints
  • Ensure professional standards and adhere to listed delivery times, quantities and targets.
  • Meticulous evaluations of needs and continously work to provide an improved work standard through the use of better technology or accountable staff.
  • Committed to business dialogue that is easy and timely and that maintains corporate confidentiality.
  • No discrimination amongst customers and suppliers and uphold a friendly and decent business environment.
  • Suppliers should have the neccesary set of professional accreditions for their field.
  • Customers, suppliers and partners must be law-abiding.
  • Be equally committed to the achievement of optimal results.
  • Continuously build better and more open dialogue so as to find solutions that are more innovative and relevant.
  • Support the other party’s company protocol.
  • Financial integrity and accountability in all levels of business activities.
  • Treat each customer, supplier or partner equally.