At CKB Logistics we believe reputation is key to building company value and reputation can only be maintained through a strong set of values that are continuously reinforced. Our core values include integrity, continuous development, excellence, proactiveness, and accountability. However maintaining these principles across our divisions and subsidiaries is a challenging task, especially in our current competitive business environment.

Since 2012, CKB Logistics has committed to perform proper Good Corporate Governance (GCG) to ensure employees, offices and CKB Logistics business practices adhere to our core beliefs and work towards a uniformed corporate mission. We are comitted to uphold GCG as a tool to encourage transparency, accountability and fairness through every division and branch of our company. CKB Logistics is assisted by an independent agency to assist the implementation of GCG principles and results thus far have been above average.

We also implement a Code of Conduct so leaders and employees alike are personally responsible for the understanding and implementing CKB Logistics’ values in everyday business activities. We know true business value is created when each member of our team is engaged and inspired.