Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Over the last two decades, CKB Logistics has built a strong corporate identity – one as a good employer and one as a competitive and reliable business partner. To ensure this identity is in tact and always reinforced, CKB Logistics upholds and implements the principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) in everything we do.

GCG encompasses the processes, practices and policies that CKB Logistics relies on to make formal decisions and to manage the company. Applying GCG helps us regulate risk and reduce the opportunity for internal corruption and also ensures that we protect our members, officers and management. The five broad principles of GCG are transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence and fairness or TARIF for short and CKB Logistics defines them as below.

  • Transparency
    CKB Logistics openly provides information in all our financial statements and annual reports in an accurate, clear and timely manner to all shareholders and stakeholders.
  • Accountability
    At CKB Logistics we aim to practice accountability at every corporate tier level. The Board communicates to the company’s shareholders and other stakeholders at regular intervals a fair, balanced and understandable assessment of how the company is achieving its business purpose and meeting its other responsibilities. Similarly, divisions and employees are held accountable for clearly defined tasks that are routinely checked by performance measurement reports, accountability reports, and internal control reports.
  • Responsibility
    CKB Logistics is responsible to the Indonesian government and conducts all activities in compliance with government regulations and international standards of safety. We are also responsible for the environment and communities in which we operate, with a commitment to greener business and corporate social responsibilities.
  • Independence
    CKB Logistics is committed to objective decision-making – free from pressure or intervention from any parties. Activities that might result in conflicts of interest should be avoided. Shareholders are not allowed to intervene in corporate management and there is mutual respect for the rights, tasks, duties and authorities of individual divisions.
  • Fairness
    CKB logistics treats all shareholders equally and gives them uniform weighting.
    At CKB Logistics we ensure proper implementation of the above through employee and management internalization and various systems of checks and balances. Our GCG undergoes independent evaluations by external parties, verification through risk management systems and internal control systems and has been formulated in line with international standard best practices to ensure the sustainability and continuity of CKB Logistics’ valuable corporate identity.



Best in Mining Safety and Environmental Management

by Adaro Indonesia, June 2017

In Recognition for a Zero Incident In Operation Throughout the Year 2016

by Total Oil, April 2017

Certificate of Merit for Best Indonesia Customs Brokerage (PPJK) Operator

by World Custom Organization, January 2017