Development Programs

CKB Logistics continuously goes “the extra mile” to develop employee potential and create a dynamic workplace that is run on employee motivation and job satisfaction.

CKB Logistics has a strong corporate culture and we have created supporting training and development programs to help new and existing employees acclimatize to CKB Logistics’ social and operational requirements.

Our classroom training programs teach new skills and aim to improve efficiency and competence. Topics are divided into miscellaneous categories including: new employee orientations, key competenices, soft skills, technical skills, compliance and various certifications. We also believe business value originates from work place synergy and have created a SMART (Sharing Moments And Refreshment Time) class where employees can connect in a social atmosphere – ranging from general discussions, hobby clubs and scheduled corporate events such as movies or concerts.

Existing employees also have the opportunity to explore new ventures or develop new skills through our unique cross functinal programs where they can work for other divisions in temporary durations of 3 to 6 months. This gives us plenty opportunity for in-house promotion and hiring and our employees enhanced understanding of our heirarchy and operations and the ability to coordinate and collaborate with divisions outside of their origin unit.