Oil and Gas

CKB Logistics started as a logistics company for oil & gas. We have built a reputation for excellence with our dynamic team of experts in the intricacies of oil & gas in Indonesia, providing highly skilled and experienced project managers and logistics specialists that offer turn-key solutions.

We provide order and project management, transportation, physical distribution and supply chain security and we have warehouses, including PLBs, and hubs around key onshore and offshore locations.

No project is too big or too small – companies can pick from our standard o&g logistics services to create custom supply chain processes. We recognize the high demands of the upstream side of oil & gas, and work directly with our customers to offer in-depth cost analysis to optimize pricing and sourcing, procurement and expediting, as well as turn-key rig mobilization and heavy lift, all while providing end-to-end visibility and adhering to customs regulations.

With CKB Logistics, we have the scale, experience and dynamic capabilities to match the ambition of your project needs.