Other Industries

CKB Logistics is commited to innovation and efficiency and we are continuously on the lookout to serve different industries through our existing operations and divisions. Regardless of your industry, our integrated logistics services can identify solutions and tweaks to your existing supply chain through strategic analysis and match them to lean, safe and compliant processes.

Warehousing and inventory management has also been a strong area of growth for us with an emphasis to develop specific capacities for goods that require special handling – for instance fragile, hazardous or pharma goods. Our chemical operations experts are proficient in the safe handling, warehousing, and transportation of different classifications of dangerous goods. Similarly our advanced facilities, established logistics processes and strict adherence to high quality standards ensure our ability to safely handle time-critical medical parts and temperature sensitive medical products and devices.

CKB Logistics is ready to work with you to tailor supply chain solutions to your specific needs.

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