Remote Site / Supply Base Services

CKB Logistics has been a supply chain partner for oil & gas firms since its establishment in 1997 and our remote site services provision is extensive and well-reputed.

CKB Logistics provides a comprehensive suite of remote site services for resources and energy sectors for both short and long-term projects and we operate six supply base locations at Matak - Kepulauan Riau, Salak, Drajat, Wayang Windu  -  Jawa Barat, Meulaboh - Aceh, Bojonegoro - Jawa Timur, Grissik - Sumatera Selatan, Sumbawa Barat & Sumbawa Timur - Nusa Tenggara Barat and Tangguh - Papua. Our supply base management teams typically interface with onsite coordinators to supply resources and energy organizations with the required equipment, materials and contractor supplies needed for their operations.

We manage and maintain inventory, procure supplies and contractor resources as needed. Our teams schedule resources, coordinate inbound and outbound movements of materials, and supervise transportation and dockside operations to meet field requirements.

Working with CKB Logistics, we can offer:

  • Offshore Supply & Shore Base Management
  • Onshore Oilfield Support
  • Material & Equipment Logistics
  • Site Management Services