Port Management

In Indonesia, ports are often underdeveloped, understaffed and many have limited access. To navigate around potential huge expenditures and lack of know-how, we offer port management services to our clients - allowing them to shorten time lags across the supply chain and lower operational risks.

CKB Logistics’ Port Management division provides technical and operational management of handling, storage, loading and unloading operations both on board and dockside. We can assist in port operations for bulk and unitized miscellaneous cargo, containers, specialized items, trailers and vehicles, and many other items.

To conduct these activities, we have up-to-date mechanical equipment (cranes, lift trucks, loaders, reach-stackers/container stackers, tug masters and forklifts) and qualified personnel, specialized and solely employed to perform port management operations. In bigger ports, our company has dedicated terminal areas for the storage and handling of goods and we operate warehouses in close proximities to these ports to help minimize transport costs.