CKB Logistics participates in SWA Indonesia Green Company 2015

08 March 2016

CKB Logistics stated its commitment to always provide its customers with innovative solutions and continuous improvement. Recently, the company participated in the SWA Indonesia Green Company 2015, an annual program held by SWA Magazine in cooperation with SRI KEHATI Index. It was a competition to select Indonesian companies with best sustainable green business strategies to be named as the Green Company.

CKB Logistics aimed to provide effective and efficient business process based on green business concept, basically to answer the company’s concern on the environment challenges.

It was called “Little Things Make a Great Impact”, a green concept presented by CKB Logistics during the competition which consists of three (3) aspects; they are Green Logistics, Green Office and Green CSR. Green Logistics focuses in meeting the logistics’ needs based on environmentally friendly concept, such as the building of logistics warehouses with eco-green concept and conducting the R3 (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) program through-out the business process.

Green Office is a comprehensive waste management system of office consumable such paper, ink and water, and Green CSR is a provocative movement in creating awareness and educating employees and also the community on the importance of environment preservation, for example corporate social activity to teach kids and youth at nearest schools with the location of the company.

CKB Logistics has not yet a winner this year; however its initiative had been acknowledged and appreciated. Its consistency is hoped to give great impact for the environment today and tomorrow.